First off I would like to thank you for looking at least this far into me and what I do.

A little primer on myself and Kermode….

I grew up in a small town in northwestern British Columbia, the access to the natural terrain sparked the interested in exploring it by bike. As soon as I could, I got myself into a bike shop and started honing my skills of a mechanic. This job has taken me all over BC, working from small town shops to high-end boutiques. This slowly lead to wanting more out of the industry that I grew up in and I started leaning on my skills in metal fabrication. Now here we are.

The name Kermode (Ker-mo-de) comes from the same place I do. It is the name of a special lineage of Black Bear that only occurs in norther BC. This small population of bears have white fur and pass down this gene in a very narrow region. I chose the name to pay homage to the area that shaped me, and the way that I build bikes.

My goal through my process is to deliver the best bike I can to you for whatever you may be doing. I know that may seem very obvious but what I mean by that is I feel I can offer you and experience from the bike that is built for you that you may be hard for others to give you. I pull from my wealth of knowledge from the time spent as a professional mechanic, working with all types of bicycles and components, and my time spent riding these things at a competitive level. This means I will not only think about how the bike will ride and perform but also how the parts will mate to become a whole.

I’m here to give you a product that you are looking for, be it a race bike where performance is on the top of your list or a touring rig that will have a pretty good chance of outlasting your legs.

Reach out and tell me what you want!